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Photo by Christien van den Brink for CRS

Support Food and Farming

Catholic Relief Services distributes tons of lifesaving food to people who are desperately hungry as a result of poverty, conflict, famine—and sometimes all three

But CRS does not just help feed the world during emergencies. Our farming projects help hundreds of thousands of people feed their families, work toward self-sufficiency and steward the Earth’s resources for future generations.

805 million people don't have enough to eat.

“Let us not grow tired of doing good, for in due time we shall reap our harvest.”

—Galatians 6:9

Give the gift of food

Food/Farming - 2 bags of fertilizer


2 bags of fertilizer

Help farmers nourish soil, reap better harvests and earn more income

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They make more than a cuddly pet

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Food/Farming - Flock of Chickens


Flock of Chickens

Provides families with eggs and extra income

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Food/Farming - 2 Pigs


2 Pigs

Help families and farmers earn more

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Food/Farming - Quality seed for a season


Quality seed for a season

Ensures crop yields that will feed farm families and their communities

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Food/Farming - Fish for a pond


Fish for a pond

Diversifies a family's diet and improves community nutrition

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Food/Farming - 1 Lamb or Kid


1 lamb or kid (baby goat)

Fortifies children's diets and provides income

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Food/Farming - 10 fruit trees for a family


10 fruit trees for a family

Improve nutrition and help families earn a sustainable income

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Food/Farming - Household garden


Household garden

Offers families food variety and better nutrition

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Food/Farming - 1 Cow


1 cow

Provides milk and income

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Food/Farming - Honey Bee Hive


Honey Bee Hive

With training, a family can create a lucrative honey business

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Food/Farming - training for 50 farmers


Training for 50 farmers

Teaches agricultural and marketing techniques that help feed entire regions

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Food/Farming - Community fish pond


Community fishpond

Provides food variety and a source of income

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