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Emergency - home

Photo by Kira Horvath for CRS

Rush Help in Emergencies

For more than 70 years, Catholic Relief Services has rushed lifesaving aid to people overseas during times of disaster.

Along the way, we’ve learned that once immediate needs for food, clean water and health care are met, it’s important to focus on longer-term needs like jobs, infrastructure and education so people have a sustainable way to a better future.

Since 1943, CRS has responded to dozens of emergencies including World War II, the Korean War, famine in Ethiopia, the Indian Ocean tsunami, the earthquake in Haiti and flooding in India.

“We felt that we were not forgotten ... This shelter is amazing happiness for us. It is safety.”

—Abu Hussein, Gaza

Give the gift of relief

Emergencies - Emergency Household Kit


Emergency household kit

Flashlight, bedding and dishware to ensure a family's survival

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Emergency - Rebuilding Kit


Rebuilding kit

Lumber, nails, tools and tarp to make homes safe again

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Emergencies - Emergency Supply and Hygiene Kit


Emergency Supply and Hygiene Kit

Bundle of materials to help with natural and conflict-driven disasters

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Emergencies - Winterization Kit


Winterization Kit

Kits help families in sub-standard housing survive cold winters

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Emergency - Transitional Shelter


Transitional shelter

Provides a safe, sturdy house until a permanent one can be built

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Emergency - Long Lasting Timber Shelter


Long Lasting Timber Shelter

Provides families with a durable and safe place to reside while rebuilding permanent homes

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