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As conflict worsens in the Middle East, millions of displaced families need our support.

Together with our Caritas partners we are supporting hundreds of thousands of families who have been displaced or forced to flee their homes because of conflicts, civil strife and economic conditions in the Middle East and other regions.

To respond to the recent influx of Syrian refugees and other migrants to Europe, we are working with the Catholic Church across the Balkans to provide immediate assistance, including food, water, access to sanitation, legal services, medical care and trauma counseling. In the Middle East, where the refugee crisis unfolding in Europe has its origin, we’ve been assisting more than 500,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees with critical support like shelter, education and trauma counseling for the past four years.

In Iraq, In 2014, internal armed conflict displaced an estimated 2.6 million people in Iraq. Only one-third of uprooted families are living in organized camps. Others are living with host families or in makeshift or unfinished dwellings. In addition, the country is hosting 230,000 refugees from Syria.

In Lebanon and Jordan, most of the 3.9 million people who have sought refuge from the war in Syria —mostly women and children—are struggling to get by. With escalating ISIS attacks, the more than 4-year civil war in Syria continues to devastate people's lives.

In Europe, Conflicts, civil strife and economic conditions in the Middle East are forcing growing numbers of Syrians and other refugees to flee. So far, countries in Europe have received more than 360,000 people, with thousands more streaming in daily.

Please pray for the families affected by the terrifying violence. And please give generously to strengthen our response to the conflicts in the Middle East and the refugee crisis.

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