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Call on Congress to Protect Poverty-focused International Assistance

Careless Cuts Will Cost Lives!

U.S. poverty-focused international assistance makes it possible for Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to deliver food and care to these first grade children in Mali who would otherwise go hungry. Their community has learned new farming practices, helping them increase production, preserve their land and overcome droughts. Most importantly, more girls and boys are staying in school.

You can support these children and millions of our brothers and sisters around the world right now by raising your voice. Call on Congress to protect U.S. poverty-focused international assistance as they consider spending levels for the FY 2014 appropriations. This aid is less than 1% of the federal budget, yet this little bit of funding saves millions of lives around the world. Cutting this assistance will not balance the federal budget, but it will cost lives.

Our nation’s fiscal challenges are significant and reducing future unsustainable deficits is important; however, we must address these issues in morally responsible ways that give priority to poor and vulnerable people. As the Catholic bishops of the U.S. and CRS have repeatedly stated, our nation should resolve our fiscal crisis by considering all options, including increased revenue, cuts to unnecessary military and other spending, and just and fair entitlement reform.

Your vocal support for lifesaving international assistance over the last several years has prevented cuts and even restored funding. Your voice is now needed again. Contact your members of Congress today and urge them to support poverty-focused international assistance.

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Cuts Cost Lives in Mali

These first grade children in a remote village in Mali, West Africa, one of the poorest countries in the world, are waiting for their one nutritious meal of the day.

Thanks to U.S. poverty-focused international assistance these children will eat staple grains, beans, and oil five and not just three days per week. The program has also helped their community farm better so that it now contributes ingredients to the children’s meals.