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Urge the President and Congress to do more to stop the violence and increase humanitarian assistance.

Background: The civil war in Syria rages on and more than 2 million refugees have fled the violent conflict to neighboring Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. Each day, 6.8 million people affected by the conflict need shelter, food, water, and medical care. Thanks to CRS and our local partners, we’re able to provide these critical services. More help is needed though as the situation in Syria and the region intensifies. Most of all peace is needed. Our brothers and sisters cannot wait any longer!

Given the rising violence and growing instability, not only within Syria but in surrounding countries, Syria urgently needs a political solution that ends the fighting and creates a future for all Syrians. It’s imperative that the United States work with other governments to contain the violence, restore stability in the region, provide humanitarian assistance, and encourage the building of an inclusive society in Syria that protects the rights of all its citizens, including Christians and other minorities. In September, Cardinal Dolan and Bishop Pates shared a similar message in their letter to members of Congress, encouraging them to work towards a political solution to end the violence and suffering in Syria.

Your voice is needed now! Tell President Obama, your Representative, and Senators that the U.S. needs to: exhaust every option to stop the violence and support a political solution that builds an inclusive democracy in Syria; support robust funding for the Syria crisis and humanitarian emergencies globally in FY 2014 appropriations; and, ensure access to humanitarian assistance with impartiality in Syria.

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Photo by Sam Tarling for CRS

This mother and her young son fled heavy fighting in her home town of Homs, Syria. Now, they live in a tented settlement at the foot of the mountains on Lebanon’s eastern border with Syria in a flimsy tent that offers little shelter from the elements. Thanks to CRS and our partner, Caritas Lebanon Migrant Center, thousands of other refugee families receive basic necessities such as food, hygiene kits, psycho-social support services, and access to basic health services.