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Urge key members of Congress to help relieve the suffering of millions of people around the world

Thank you for your support of this urgent issue. Congress recently passed the FY 2010 Emergency Supplemental Appropriations bill.  Thanks in part to your advocacy, Congress approved $2.8 billion for humanitarian and reconstruction, debt relief, and food assistance for Haiti.  The amount was significantly more than we requested. 

Of the $1.597 billion we requested for global emergency needs, Congress approved $165 million for migration and refugee assistance and $460 million for International Disaster Assistance.  Although the amounts allocated for global emergency needs did not reach the levels CRS and USCCB had requested, the additional funds are welcome and will save lives and help protect human dignity.

We will continue to focus on efforts to ensure that our brothers and sisters in need around the world receive the assistance they need.  Please join us in our efforts by advocating for these other global issues:

Tell Congress: I care about peace in the Central African Republic!

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Urge Congress to ensure that the United States plays a significant leadership role in bringing about an end to the conflict and assists in promoting lasting peace and prosperity.

Thank the President and Members of Congress for Taking a Stand Against Human Trafficking!

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Follow Pope Francis' call "to welcome and treasure our children, who bring so much life, joy and hope to the world".

Stand in Solidarity with Syrian and Iraqi Refugees

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Urge Congress to do more to help refugees!

Call on Congress to Care for Our Common Home!

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Follow Pope Francis' Call to Take Action on Climate Change.

Congress: Now is the Time to Protect Vulnerable Children!

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Add your voice to the call to help children and families in need today!

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